Dinosaur Volcano Cake Tutorial, Gluten Free Casein Free Cake

Dinosaur with working Volcano Cake Gluten and Casein Free

This dinosaur cake with a volcano that actually blows “smoke” was so simple to make. The birthday boy loved it and it was also gluten and casein free for those of you with food allergies. It can be made with traditional ingredients as well.

To simplify my life during hectic party planning and styling, I used Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Cake mix and Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate and Vanilla Icings. Instead of using butter, I used Spectrum organic shortening and almond milk. This cake mix is terrific because it does not require eggs, which my boys are allergic to, so there is no need to use egg replacer in the recipe, yay!

Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Cake mix
Cherrybrook Kitchen Frosting

Here is the cake  pre-icing. I used a rectangular cake pan and a small bundt pan for the volcano part. You will need two boxes of the cake mix to make both cakes.

Gluten Casein Free Chocolate cake
Once cake is completely cooled it is time to ice away! I first used the chocolate icing to cover most of the cake. I took the white vanilla icing and divided it into three batches. I dyed the largest batch green, for the grass, another batch, yellow and a third batch red, both for the volcano. I reserved a small portion of the white icing, undyed to top the volcano. 
For the smoking volcano, I place a small plastic cup inside the cavity of the circular bundt cake to have somewhere to put warm water and dry ice. You will only need a very small piece (quarter size) of dry ice to get the smoking effect. You must place the dry ice immediately before you want it to smoke because it will only last a minute or so!  HINT: Never touch dry ice with you hands, you must use thick plastic gloves, because it will burn you!  In retrospect I would have made the cavity of the bundt cake a bit larger to fit a bigger plastic cup and therefore more water and dry ice to achieve a more dramatic puff of smoke from the volcano!
Boys totally excited about the smoking volcano on dinosaur cake!

Knowing my icing limitations, I chose to buy a beautiful plastic brachiosaurus dinosaur to place on the cake (my son’s favorite dinosaur). It was exactly what he wanted and the smoking volcano was very impressive for something so simple!

Please excuse some of these pictures, unfortunately a lot of my party prep takes place at night and I’m still learning to use my fancy camera :)!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!