Delicious Foods that are Gluten Free Casein Free and Enjoy Life Giveaway

Hi Friends! I have been promising for some time to get together a detailed list of the allergen free foods that we love to use for our allergy babies. I use most of these products daily and frankly feeding our boys would be so much more difficult, almost impossible if it weren’t for these products. In the near future I will also have the opportunity to sample some allergen free products and blog about our opinions on these products. I am looking forward to discovering some new products that we can incorporate into our daily meals! Gluten Free= CF, Casein Free = CF

Here it goes!

1. Pacific Hazelnut and Almond milk
2. Enjoy Life chocolate bars, chips, and cookies and cereal
3. Namaste Foods bread mix
4. Justin’s Nut butters (peanut allergy)
5. Spectrum Organics Shortening (for baking)
6. Nutiva (coconut oil) for baking and lots of other stuff!
7. Envirokidz: cereal, cereal bars
8. Bob’s Red Mill, most of my baking flours
9. Glutino: pretzels
10. Ians : GF french toast sticks, (also are casein free, soy free and vegan)
11.Bisquick GF
12. Edward & Sons: sugar ice cream cones
13. SOdelicious: coconut milk ice cream
14. Cape Cod Chips: fried in Canola oil, Potatoes, salt (original recipe only)
15. Rice Chex GF
16. Applegate Farms bacon and cold cuts,gf, cf nitrate free, hormone free (we should own stock in this company for the amount we buy each week)
16. Jones Sausage GF CF
17. Daiya Foods : Coconut cheese, for pizza (melts like Mozarella)

There are more products that we use but this is a pretty hefty list to get you started. Please leave me any questions that you may have. I know that if you are reading this list you may be facing the difficult task of starting a new diet for you, your children or your entire family. This task can be a very daunting one! I would love to help you. This will get you off to a good start!

I recently had the pleasure to receive some amazing products to sample from Enjoy Life. They came out with a new product Semi Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks (yum) and Double Chocolate Crunch Nut & Gluten Free Granola! We use Enjoy Life products at our home on a daily basis. When I don’t get the time to bake my boys cookies from scratch I give them the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies and they love them!

Enjoy Life Product Samples and gluten casein free cookies made using Mega Chunks

The Semi Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks taste just like their Boom Choco Boom Dark Chocolate bars, which are the bars I use on my gluten free casein free vegan cookies. The chocolate chunks, just like the boom bars, are amazing. You would never guess they are not regular chocolate. My husband has even been known to steal a few of these out of the pantry when he is craving chocolate. They also have chocolate chips which are great for baking, snacking, even to melt and dip fruit in.

Enjoy Life has generously offered to send one of our readers a bag of the Semi Sweet Mega Chocolate Chunks and a bag of the Double Chocolate Crunch Nut & Gluten Free Granola. They are perfect with anyone with milk, wheat, egg and all sorts of allergies, but you will LOVE these even if allergies are not an issue for you.

Now Here’s How to Enter to Win, you have up to 6 chances to enter! Leave a separate comment for each step you do.

1. Must be a Facebook Fan of Two Prince Bakery TheaterΒ let us know that you are
2. Become a fan of Enjoy Life on Facebook
3. Follow the Two Prince Bakery Theater blog
4. Visit the Enjoy Life website and tell us what other products you would be interested in sampling
5. Leave a comment telling us what gluten casein free foods are you interested in having us feature or post recipes for
6. Post this giveaway on your blog or facebook page, leave an additional comment telling us you did

So leave a comment for each step you follow. This giveaway will end of Monday September 26th at midnight.
Good luck, I promise you will love these goodies!

This giveaway has ended the winner is comment number 22! Vivian you have 48 hours to contact us to claim your prize!

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