Trick Or Treat Halloween Heat Vinyl Shirts

Hi friends, today I am over at Expressions vinyl blog with a trick or treat Halloween heat vinyl shirt project. So Fun!

Hi, this is Dorangela visiting from Two Prince Bakery Theater. I am super excited to share this project with you. This is my very first time using the heat transfer t-shirt vinyl, and can I say I LOVE it! Why have I never tried this before. It was super simple to use and the results achieved look nothing short of a professional screen shirt!

First use your machine’s software, in my case the Silhouette SD to select your image. I selected to use these cute spiders to make some Halloween shirts.

My Little Trick or Treat models

Very important once you select your image since you will be cutting the image from the top and then ironing it on You MUST mirror your image by clicking flip horizontal. This is crucial when using any words because if you don’t you will have an obvious word that is backwards!

When loading your  Expressions Vinyl heat transfer vinyl be sure to load it to your machine, shiny side down. I did not do this on the first try and ended up cutting the adhesive backing rather than the actual vinyl. If you do this accidentally do not worry, I was still able to re-insert the vinyl correctly and cut the design perfectly.

Once you cut you image and or letters, remove from your machine and peel off the excess vinyl. The heat vinyl comes with a clear stick backing attached which makes it super easy to peel off excess. I was actually amazed how effortly it peeled off!

Reversed image after removing excess vinyl
Image as it will appear on shirt

Next have your iron set on the cotton mode. Make sure the shirt you use has already been washed and dryed so that it is preshrunk. I bough the shirts at Michael’s Craft Stores, they always have these at a great price! I also ironed the shirt so that it was warm before I applied the vinyl.

Place your image/words sticky side down on desired area on your shirt. Next use a thin piece of fabric, I used a pillow case to put over the area and then iron the image onto your shirt for about 60 seconds with smooth strokes and firm pressure.

Be sure to let fabric cool completely before peeling off clear film. Then very gently peel off backing.

Gently peel off clear film

That’s it you’re done! Wasn’t that super easy. It kinda makes you want to make a t-shirt for every occassion. I think I’m going to do just that. It was so easy and fun that I made two of them!  I’m very pleased with how they turned out. What do you think?  The possibilities are endless!

Be sure to come visit me over at Two Prince Bakery Theater for lost of fun craft projects and parties.