Gluten and Casein Free Chocolate Monster Pops

Gluten Free Casein Free Chocolate Covered “Oreos”
Today is Halloween so of course I have two send my two allergy babies off to school with some fun Halloween treats that they and their classmates can enjoy. They need to taste yummy but also look like something fun!
What I came up with is using Gluten Free Casein Free Kinni Toos, which are chocolate sandwich cookies very similar to Oreo cookies but allergen free! They are SO good!
One box of Kinni Toos Chocolate Sandwich cookies (available at Whole Foods and most Healthfood stores)
Lollipop sticks
Candy eyeballs
Cellophane bags
Tags (optional)
First you take the lollipop stick and dip the end into the melted chocolate, then place the stick in the middle of the two cookie halves to make a cookie lollipop. Chill to harden chocolate.
Once cookie is firmly holding on to cookie, dip the entire cookie into the melted chocolate.I suggest spooning on the melted chocolate onto the part where the lollipop stick connects to the cookie so that you bind it even more to the cookie.
Dip Kinni Toos cookie into melted Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate
 Place on parchment paper or wax paper to cool. Position candy eyeballs on cookie pop while chocolate is still soft. The chocolate will take at least one hour to harden or more. This chocolate takes a little longer than traditional chocolate to harden.
Monster Pops cooling
After the pops are nice and chilled you can then wrap them in cellophane bags and tie them with a cute Halloween tag and twine! Totally used a ton of my The Twinery halloween twine this week! Love it!
There are other “Oreo” gluten free casein free cookies out there, but the Kinni Toos also happen to be egg free which my boys are also allergic too. The candy eyeballs, lollipop sticks and cellophane bags are usually available at Michael’s Stores. I know we always have candy eyeballs on hand my boys love them!
A sea of Monster Pops ready to go to school with my PSA Essentials tags
See super simple and so cute. My boys will get to enjoy a Halloween treat at school and the other kids will never even realize they are enjoying an allergen free treat! Success!
Non Allergy Free Ghost S’mores Kits for the teachers *
*To make this into an allergen free treat, just substitute the chocolate bar for a piece of Enjoy Life Chocolate Boom Chocolate bars and Kinnikinnick S’moreables Graham crackers. The peeps are already allergen free! I will be making some of those tonight for my boys to have as well. *
We couldn’t forget the teachers too! They got a cute little treat only not allergen free this time. Ghost S’mores Kits to enjoy after school.  Happy Halloween!

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    These are so cute!

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