Trick or Treat Allergen Free Halloween Party

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! What’s not to like about treats and getting to dress up in costumes. My youngest son actually has his birthday on Halloween so that gives us an even better excuse to celebrate! This year I wanted to style a gorgeous party that was both beautiful and also completely allergen free. As you may know, both my boys have severe food allergies so I’ve dedicated myself to making them beautiful treats for parties and other occasions so that they can enjoy the same treats that other little kids can. I wanted this to be a Classic Halloween meaning Orange and Black with a touch of gray. This is also the party we just had featured on Amy Atlas Events! I would like to give a sincere thank you to all of the vendors mentioned on this post for all of their help in bringing this party to life!  Their special touches made this party very special. Hope you enjoy it.

Trick or Treat Table with Pom Flair Poms
The lovely Carmen from Pom Flair handmade each of the Poms you will see through out this party! She also helped me to style this party and she was so sweet about it! Hopefully I did not drive her too crazy!
The banner and Food Tents where designed especially for us by Telisa from Sugartots Designs. You can purchase these downloadable files (as featured on Amy Atlas Events) here.
Allergen Free Witch Push Pops
These allergen free witch push pops were made with Enjoy Life Foods allergen free brownie cookies and topped to perfection with especially made fondant witch hats from Brittany at Edible Details. She did an amazing job of matching the witch from our PSA Essentials UBU Halloween Kit.
Bat Striped Cookies
These treats were made using Enjoy Life Foods‘s new Crunch Chocolate cookies, homemade icing and Edible Details fondant bat toppers. My boys enjoyed them very much.
Chocolate covered Wormy Candy Apples
My boys cannot eat traditional candy apples because they contain milk. So I decided to make chocolate covered apples using dairy free Chocolate Bars also from Enjoy Life Foods. They taste just like traditional chocolate and melt great for making treats! Then I just sprinkled them with candy in our colors.
Gummi Evil Eyes
These were a last minute addition to the dessert table and I think they worked perfectly. The evil eyes rest on plastic egg drop spoons that I purchased a long time ago in China town. Love those spoons!
Our friend enjoying an Evil Eye
Our friend is eating those evil eyes, the same ones my youngest son kept force feeding me through out the shoot! She is wearing a gorgeous Halloween Argyle headband that Nikki, from Nikki in Stitches made! She looked adorable wearing it!
Spider lollipops
These spider lollipops were so easy to make and I think they lend a whimsical look to the table while still being a little spooky.
Halloween Striped Lollipops
These lollipops were the perfecting coordinating color for our Trick or Treat Table. The little ones seemed to enjoy them as well.
Mini Whoopie Pies
Trick or Treat Cake Table
We had so many fun things for this party, we had to add another table! This one looks perfect with our custom ribbon skirt made by Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations. Pom Flair designed the mini pom garland for our cake and the small poms from our urn and branches using all the colors in our party. The Urn arrangement was custom made for this party by my dear friend Julie from Bloom Garden Shop. She is our go to girl for all our floral designs!
Treat Bags with The Twinery Twine
Allergen Free Trick or Treat Cake with Pom Flair pom garland
Ghost Milk Bottles Dairy Free
These ghost milk bottles were made using dairy (casein) free chocolate from Enjoy Life which I melted and then painted the faces inside the bottles. Once the faces were dry I added some hazelnut milk.And now a few behind the scene photos!

My son drinking all the ghost milks
My boys covered in chocolate and icing
Hiding under the table probably eating more candy!
What took weeks of planning was destroyed in about five minutes! But they sure had a great time doing so, and in the end that’s all that matters!

Photography: Pom Flair and Two Prince Bakery Theater
Photo Edits: DT Creative Studios,

Now for the really FUN part!  How would you like to win some of the elements from this Trick or Treat Party??? One lucky winner will receive some of the actual items that were used for this party featured on Amy Atlas Events.  You will receive…
1. Trick or Treat Banner, Sugartots Design strung with The Twinery Twine and ready to hang
2. Trick or Treat Food tent, Sugartots design,s folded and ready to be displayed
3. Trick or Treat Pom Flair mini pom garland for your cake
4. Glass Milk bottles (6) ready to have some ghost faces put on them with a set of black straws
5. 6 cake push pops for you to Witch up
6. 6 Trick or Treat bags ready to fill
7. Two large Halloween striped Lollipops
I will make sure if you are withing the continental US that you will get this in time for Halloween, so whatcha think??
To Enter you have up to 5 chances to enter. Please leave one comment for each step that you complete! We will check that you actually followed the step if you win.
1. You must be a fan of Two Prince Bakery Theater on Facebook (mandatory)
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This giveaway will close on Sunday October 23rd at midnight! Winner will be selected on Monday the 24th and package will ship immediately after winner notifies us! Good Luck

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