Fast Food Chicken Nuggets, Gluten and Casein Free

Gluten Casein Free Chicken Nuggets
If your family is anything like mine there are certain staple foods that you just LOVE! I am not a fan of fast food but there is one place that I do enjoy eating at and that is Chik-fil-A, for those of you who don’t know what this is or don’t have one where you live, I am sorry, it’s delicious. As good as it may taste, once our boys could no longer eat gluten or casein they also could no longer eat their favorite golden delicious chicken nuggets.
As the mother of what surely has to be the pickiest child on earth, once we lost this meal item that he would always eat no matter what, I was in big trouble. So being the resourceful woman that I am, at least when my motivation is feeding my child, I started experimenting. After many failed attempts and wasting a lot of organic chicken breast I finally mastered this chicken nugget.  I hope you enjoy this and I would love to hear if you or your picky eaters enjoyed it! On a side note, for Thanksgiving I am making these for my persnickety prince but with turkey, I did a test batch and he ate the whole thing. YES!
I’ve been promising to share this recipe with many of you for some time now. I wanted to get this to you before Thanksgiving to give you an allergen free food option for those who may not just sit down and eat a big hunk of turkey.
Boneless skinless chicken breast tenderloin cut into 1″ pieces
Farmer’s Market Organic puree pumpkin or butternut squash ( my boys and I prefer butternut squash this time I used pumpkin)
Salt and Pepper to taste (we prefer to use Himalayan salt)
In a small bowl place 1/2 cup of butternut squash or pumpkin puree and place your chicken pieces into it and mix so that every piece is dipped in puree ( the same way you would do with eggs) The amount of puree will depend on how much chicken you are making just adjust the amount of puree based on how much chicken. One small breast makes a lot of nuggets, the smaller you cut the chicken pieces the crunchier the end result so we cut our pieces pretty small.
In another bowl place approximately 1 cup of the gf Bob’s Red Mill all purpose flour (after trying several different flours this one yields the best results) amount depends on how much chicken your are cooking. You need enough flour to coat each piece thoroughly. I place each piece of chicken in individually so each piece gets very coated and they don’t stick together. Trust me don’t just dump it all in, learn from my mistakes! Another way to do this is putting it in a plastic zip bag and shake it baby, a lot less messy than the bowl.
Next to fry this chicken we use pure Canola oil, my boys are allergic to soy so vegetable oil is not an option for us. Get your oil nice and hot it all depends on your stove what setting to put it on and place one piece of ¬†chicken in the oil. If chicken starts to “fry” then oil is hot enough if not wait a little longer. Continue to place one piece at a time and fry until all the pieces are very golden.
The key in using the butternut or pumpkin puree not only does it give you a little bit of sweetness that the fast food chain nuggets get from the buttermilk in them but the puree gives the nugget that golden color as well which is very hard to get with any gluten free flour, believe me I’ve tried them all,this is the only thing that worked!
Once chicken is ready, let it rest on a paper towel covered plate. Let cool a bit and serve!
Gluten Casein Free Turkey Nuggets
Bon Appetit, ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Fast Food Chicken Nuggets, Gluten and Casein Free

  1. November 21, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    This sounds fantastic. You totally sold me by saying you’re a chick fil a fan (my fave!!) but we are weaning off gluten here (already off casein). I will report back when we try this.

    – a fellow Bob’s Red Mill fan!

  2. November 21, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Hi Brownberry? The trick is to not coat it in too much pumpkin if not it will be soggy. Just enough pumpkin do seasoned flour will stick. Hope you love it!!! Butternut squash is probably closer to Chik fil a!!! Per recipe.

  3. November 21, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    We are GFCF as well, but we fry our homemade nuggets in a mixture of coconut oil/ghee. Canola oil isn’t as healthy as it is advertised to be…If you have time look into the work of Mary Enig. She’s a great resource for healthy fats.

    Love the idea of coating it in pumpkin/squash…