Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt using Heat Transfer Vinyl

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and of course, I want to style my boys in something that I made for them to wear on the big Turkey Day! Since I am still learning all about using the heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl, I thought a turkey would be a perfect way to learn layering colors of vinyl.

Turkey Day shirt using Expressions Vinyl Heat transfer vinyl
Ok since I am not sure of the level of experience among you with using the heat transfer vinyl and using computer programs to cut the vinyl, this is going to be very detailed. Hope that it makes it very clear how to set this up. Here it goes!
Step 1 select picture you want to cut from vinyl
I chose the download of a turkey from my Silhouette SD computer library program. Since you are making layers of different colors of vinyl, each part of the turkey is separate and will be cut from a separate color of vinyl.
Step 2 Click on the image
Step 2 always make sure you click on the image so the computer program registers the changes you are going  to make. I selected to make the turkey larger before taking the next step to ungroup each piece of the turkey.
Step 3 Click on Object file
 Step 4 Ungroup
Step 4 you must ungroup the image of each piece because you are going to want to cut each piece on a different color heat transfer vinyl in order to make the shirt.
Step 5 isolate turkey piece you want to cut
Isolate parts for other color
As always remember to place your heat transfer vinyl shiny side down into the cutter. Once you cut all of the pieces in their respective colors this is what you will have to piece together.
Turkey Pieces
I put all the pieces on a white board to make it easier for you to see it. They are still each on the sticky clear peel off film. I made three shirts so I needed enough pieces to make three. That will explains the crazy amount of wings going on here!
Next use a prewashed cotton shirt, or whatever surface you want to iron the image onto. Have your iron ready to go in the cotton setting and place shirt on the ironing board.
Next Start layering the pieces of the turkey by ironing each component one at a time.
Turkey body heat transfer vinyl
Iron the turkey body per the heat transfer vinyl instructions. Once it completely cools, peel off clear film and start adding on the wings.
Vinyl turkey body and first two wings
After you have added all of your wings in a fanned out manner. You can add the turkeys head and neck.
Turkey torso with wings on
As you can see my wings are a little random. I am extremely visual and did not have the picture of the actual turkey in front of me to figure out how to lay out the wings. But that’s ok it still works! I added the turkeys head and neck (one brown piece) and then each part of its face. I also cut a name out (make sure you flip it so that when you iron it on it’s a mirror image).
turkey with face and name
And here is the finished product! I am very pleased with how it turned out! The boys are going to be looking great on Thanksgiving with their custom made heat transfer shirts! I LOVE this vinyl!!
Finished Turkey Day Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! HappyThanksgiving!