Puppy Love Valentine using Houndstooth Printed Vinyl

Hi, Dorangela here, visiting from Two Prince Bakery Theater! So excited to finally work with this beautiful printed vinyl! I chose the Expressions Vinyl houndstooth vinyl because it would be a cute twist on the traditional valentine’s day colors. Once I saw the print I knew exactly what I wanted to make, something with a cute terrier! I love the combination of black and white houndstooth and red.
I downloaded the terrier shape and then cut it out with my Silhouette SD. It cut perfectly and peeling off the excess vinyl was a breeze! Next I made bows using the hexagon icon on the Silhouette SD menu and made it the size I wanted so that it would be a red bow around the dog’s neck. I cut it out in the permanent red vinyl from Expressions Vinyl as well. Then I made my letters using the same red vinyl.
I even had some leftover houndstooth vinyl to make some cute labels!
I then placed the bow on the terrier’s neck and mounted the terrier onto a piece of white card stock. I trimmed the card stock so that I could mount it on a piece of heart patterned card stock and have a nice border. The final step was to add some Marachino twine from The Twinery and make a dog chain coming from the dog’s bow collar! Then it all went inside a bright red 8×10 picture frame.
I’m very pleased with how it came out, what do you think? This would make a cute gift or just a great focal point for a Valentine’s day table scape. Hope you come visit me over at Two Prince Bakery Theater for more fun projects!