The Gluten Free Diet, It Can Be Done


Friends today I am over at my friend’s Melissa’s blog sharing some tips to get started on a gluten free diet. Hope this helps those of you just getting started on this new lifestyle.

Hi, Dorangela from Two Prince Bakery Theater here visiting the lovely Melissa.

Two Prince Bakery Theater does event styling and gluten casein free baking. So today I’m here to talk to you about the benefits of implementing a gluten free and possibly casein free diet. 

Our boys were having a lot of skin problems as well as some other health problems. We had some allergy testing done for our oldest son, the youngest was too young, and it was determined that he is allergic To gluten and casein (wheat and dairy proteins).

At first it seemed like an insurmountable task, everything it seemed contains gluten or casein foods you’d never even think would ever have wheat or milk! But I was determine to help my boys do on that day three years ago I put both my boys on a completely gluten casein free diet.

I first it was a lot of researching foods and recipes. A lot of failed recipes and eventually it started to click. My oldest is super picky so feeding him was the greatest challenge. 

I came up with a great chicken nugget recipe which closely resembles Chik-fil-a which was his favorite. I found bread mix he could have so I could bake his bread. There are many already made breads but my son is also allergic to lots of other foods so I couldn’t use ready made breads. Once I got some basic recipes under my belt, I started to make treats for them as well so that when we went to birthday parties or other events were food would be served, they would not feel left out. Being prepared with snacks at all times when you are out of the house is crucial. Fortunately most supermarkets carry gluten free products that you can snack on if you need to.

I will tell you that after several months of this diet I saw a significant positive change in his health and mood. My once lethargic son was full of energy and SO happy.

For those with gluten allergies, the body can’t break down these proteins so they leak into the blood stream. The bloodstream attacks them because they are not supposed to be there. From that you get all they symptoms which compromise your immune system.  It is imperative that the diet be followed 100 % of the time for at least 6 months. Even one crumb can take months to leave your system. You will not be able to see the effectiveness of this diet if you don’t give it long enough and eliminate gluten completely. (Can’t stress this enough!)

I have several links to recipes, lists of foods (click here) I’ve tried and even party foods (click here) and parties (click here) that are completed gluten and casein free.

Gluten and Casein Free Igloo Cake

Here is a website that I love as well that was very helpful to me when I first starting cooking gluten and casein free.

I know this seems like an impossible thing to do but it’s not. It has become a part of our life and routine and fortunately there are so many more food options now than there were three years ago. Especially if you don’t have to exclude soy and eggs from your diet like my boys do.

In closing I am not going to lie to you and say this diet is easy. I will however tell you, that like everything in life, it is something that you get used to and will become second nature to you. The benefits that you will reap if you are allergic to gluten far exceed the effort of preparing your meals this way.

I would love to invite you to come visit and follow my blog, Two Prince Bakery Theater so you can take a look at other gluten free foods and recipes.