Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Dreamers Event

As you probably heard me shouting from the roof tops a few weeks ago. I had the honor of attending a Dreamers Into Doers events at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Headquarters. The entire experience was truly surreal. Not only did I get to walk through the headquarters were all the magic happens, I also got to meet up with some wonderful friends that until that moment I had only seen online. It was an amazing experience!
The Iconic Martha Stewart Sign
Our First Day Breakfast, beautiful of course
Another photo of the beautiful breakfast buffet
Each table was adorned with one of these lovely floral arrangements
On day one of the event, we arrived at the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia headquarters at 10:00 am and were welcomed by some of her staff members. We were given our ID badges and were escorted into a large room with round tables, white table cloths and beautiful yellow rose centerpieces. Also waiting for us was a lovely breakfast buffet, but frankly I was almost too excited and busy photographing anything to really eat.
We had an agenda for the days events. On the schedule the first speaker was supposed to be Pillar Guzman, the editor for Martha Stewart Living. Pretty cool right? Well to my surprise guess who walks in??? Darcy Miller , who is the editor of the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, Senior Vice President and also the authority on all things party pertaining to Martha Stewart. I was SO excited. The best part was that she was just standing there, so, I went and introduced myself told her how much I have admired her work over the years, etc. She was an absolute doll, totally sweet and open. She asked me about my business and if I had a business card. I told her a little bit about what I do, and she said I should send her some pictures, what?? She also informed me that they were having a gluten free bridal shower at the MSLO headquarters on Thursday (darn what a missed opportunity). She asked me if I shipped and if I had seen the Purple Show the previous week. Of course I totally had because my girl Nicole’s shop The Twinery, who I design for was featured and of course I mentioned that and she told me how much she loved their twine! Pretty cool!
Me and Darcy Miller not only is she sweet but also gorgeous!
Darcy Miller talking to us about how she got started with Martha Stewart Living
She actually started off as a receptionist there and worked her way up. What a great motivational story.
Lunch Menu
Later in the day we were treated to a lovely lunch of shrimp kabobs and green beans.
Lunch is served
Each table had a mini dessert tier platter presented after lunch.
Some lovely friends, Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations
My sweet friend Nikki, from Nikki in Stitches and I finally meet in person, we’re two peas in a pod!
That is a little summary of day one. I will be back with day two which included attending a live taping of the Martha Stewart Show.