Easter Carrot Cake Push Up Pops, Gluten free and Vegan

Gluten Free Casein Free and Vegan Easter Carrot Cake Push Up Pops
These cute carrot cake push up pops were super simple to make and since my two sweeties will be eating them as well I made them gluten free, casein free, soy free and vegan. They also had to taste good enough for our friends and family to enjoy as well.
I took a shortcut and used Namaste gluten free spice cake mix and prepared a sheet cake per the instructions on the bag, adding some high quality vanilla and fresh shredded carrots (1/2 cup for the entire bag). I also used egg replacer and rice milk as needed because my boys can’t have egg or dairy as well. Let the cake cool completely.
Next I prepared some frosting using organic powder sugar, vanilla, rice milk and organic spectrum shortening. separated 2/3 of it and using food coloring dyed it a light orange color, the other 1/3 I made into a green color.
Layer your push up pops with cake and orange frosting in between each layer then top the very top layer of the carrots with a green top of icing as well.
Of course I couldn’t stop there. I downloaded these adorable free printables from Lauren McKinsey’s Easter Collection, get yours here¬†and printed them onto sticker paper. Adhere labels to push up pops but I still needed something more. For the carrot label I removed some plastic carrot tops from some candy containers I had and hot glued them to the push up lids. For the bunny I added some foam bunny ears and a fluffy little pom pom tail. For the chic magnet push pop (my favorite) I decided to cut out the chic’s “crest” out of orange foam and hot glued that as well. Pretty darn cute if you ask me!
You still have time to make these and your family and friends will absolutely love them! Hope you enjoy these gluten free, casein free, vegan carrot cake push up pops. Have a wonderful Easter!

2 thoughts on “Easter Carrot Cake Push Up Pops, Gluten free and Vegan

  1. April 9, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    Very cute Dorangela!

  2. April 26, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Where do you get the push pop containers from?