Gluten Free and Vegan Holiday Sweets Table

Hi, This is Dorangela from Two Prince Bakery Theater happy to be visiting you again here at Generation Rescue!  Today I have a very simple yet glamorous gluten free and casein free hot cocoa and sweets table. This would be perfect for any holiday celebration and perfect for a simple gathering of friends for dessert or after your big holiday feast!

My inspiration for this table was my white Christmas tree which I decorated with all silver and gold ornaments. To embellish the cocoa mugs, I took silver and gold ribbon and tied them on the handle of the mugs. I then garnished them with some vegan white chocolate dipped spoons and some soft baked Enjoy Life Foods gingerbread spice cookies with a swirl of icing and silver sprinkles. The hot cocoa was made with organic rice milk, some unrefined sugar and pure hot cocoa powder.

Who doesn’t love some s’mores? So I topped our jumbo marshmallows with some wooden picks that I adorned with some poms that I made using silver and gold twine from The Twinery.
These mini s’mores grills were built for me by my sweet friend out of some cedar planks used to grill with some screws, bolts and a ramekin. The tutorial on how to build these can be found here.
These gluten free and vegan chocolate chip gingerbread men were given a silver sparkly scarf using icing and sprinkles. These cookies are special order from Two Prince Bakery Theater.
For some more sweet treats I layered some mini gluten free vegan cookies with some vegan frosting and topped them with some gingerbread men marshmallows. A simple gold and silver piece of washi tape wrapped around the push up pop container ties in the pops to the rest of the color scheme.
With a basic silver and gold color scheme it is very easy to put together a sophisticated sweets table. The reindeer holding the bell garlands made a beautiful backdrop for our table
Simple accents such as these sequins balls in assorted sizes in gold and silver add a nice touch to our gold platters and make everything stand out.
The mini s’mores station is a great do it yourself project and would make a lovely gift. The kids will love it!

Another picture of our adorable gingerbread men cookies all dressed up for the holidays.

The tree that started it all.
I hope that you enjoyed this gluten free, casein free cocoa and sweets table. With a few simple touches you can make something as simple as hot cocoa and s’mores into a decadent event. May you enjoy your holidays with you family and friends and may you have a wonderful new year!