Best Valentines Ideas Round Up

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you have done nothing in preparation of showering your loves one on this sweet day! No worries, I’ve got you covered. They will never know you just whipped this up last minute, I promise. Here you have some of the best Valentines ideas for a fun and last minute treat!

1. These adorable Kraft paper boxes were filled with sweet Vanilla meringues then simply wrapped with red striped paper and topped with a cute Cherry lollipop! Here is the full Valentine’s Day party post here.

2. These sweet Valentine gumball tubes topped with a sweet heart tag are so simple to just fill out and embellish with some of your favorite twine from The Twinery! Perfect for the kids to take to school and share with their friends.

3. These delicious and beautiful treats I created for Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue blog are perfect. Not only are they super yummy they are also completely allergen free, No Soy No Gluten No Dairy and
Vegan! Click here for the full post and how to make these.

4. I made these beautiful Valentine’s Cake pops which are completely Gluten free and Vegan as well. The recipe is simple but requires a lot of steps. So for that I refer you to the queen of cake pops Bakerella for the how-to-instructions, here.

5. This year I saw these adorable free printables from Hostess With The Mostess and I knew these are the ones I would giving out to all of my Valentines! There is a pairing with donuts and coffee, one with Pie and whipped cream, another with peanut butter and jelly (love) and my fave milk and cookies! My son who practically lives on peanut butter and jelly will definitely get the PB&J one in his lunchbox! I opted to print them out on sticker paper and stick them on to glassine bags! My boys will get the cookies ones because that’s what they love Mommy’s cookies and my other Valentines will get some cute heart-shaped donuts! If you are one of my recipients just act surprised, ok?  The plain white coffee cups with lids are from my fave Garnish. I embellished them with velvet ribbon and some pink poms, you didn’t think I’d just use a plain old cup, did ya?

Hope this little round up of the best Valentine’s Ideas help you getting ready to celebrate!

One thought on “Best Valentines Ideas Round Up

  1. February 12, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    These are adorable ideas!! Love the cookies and milk print. 🙂 so cute!