DIY Cupcake Liner Pom Topiary



Last year I styled a beautiful Mad Hatter’s Tea party for Bird’s Party Magazine. I made a couple of these topiaries as part of the decor. I had the honor of having that party featured in one of the biggest craft magazines in Europe Creative Party Magazine. As part of the feature I was asked to recreate this DIY cupcake liner pom topiary.

diy-cupcake-liner-topiary Materials you will need:

Glass tapered candle holder

Spray paint (gold)

100 plus cupcake liners

100 plus floral pins

floral ball

First you will want to spray paint your glass candle holder in your desired color. I chose a nice metallic gold. Let that dry. While that is drying you can get started on attaching the cupcake liners to the floral foam ball.



Put floral pin through center of cupcake liner. diy-cupcake-liner-topiary

Push pin and cupcake liner into foam ball and tuck liner around to look like a “petal”.Continue to do this until you work your way almost completely around the ball.



Continue around just leaving enough room to adhere the candle holder to the base of the ball using a good epoxy glue.



Continue to add cupcake liners to the base of the ball until completely covered.


There you have it! Isn’t it SO pretty! There are endless possibilities! You can paint the candle holder different colors and change up what color liners for whatever suits your decor best. ┬áHere is a photo of the one I made my very first time for the Mad Hatter’s party.



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you too will make your own DIY cupcake liner pom topiary.