Simple Roasted Carrots Side Dish

simple-roasted-carrots-side-dish My friends you’ve been asking me to post some simple gluten free dishes and I heard you! This is a hearty and perfect way to cook carrots. This is my go to vegetable when making my boys a simple meal.I have served this alongside a roasted chicken or even a crock pot beef stew. Roasting the carrots brings out their sweetness. No easier way to prepare carrots than these simple roasted carrots side dish.


Bag of organic whole carrots unpeeled

Extra Virgin olive oil to coat the carrots

Sea Salt

Finely chopped fresh rosemary (you may sub a seasoned salt that already contains rosemary for the fresh rosemary and sea salt)


To prepare preheat oven to 425 degrees

Wash and dry your whole carrots (if you prefer you may use baby carrots instead)

Cut into large pieces about 2-3 pieces per carrot ( I like to cut them at an angle)

Place cut carrots on a parchment covered roasting pan

Coat the carrots with the seasalt, chopped rosemary and olive oil

Roast at 425 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes until slightly caramelized.


Don’t these look amazing! You can even let them marinate over night for even more flavor then roast them when you are ready to prepare them. ┬áHope you enjoy these yummy and sweet veggies. You will definitely want to add this simple roasted carrots side dish to your next meal.