Christmas Baking with the Elf



When Aimee Broussard asked us if we wanted to participate in her 12 days of cookies, we were thrilled. Last year we introduced this little Elf, Christopher Popikins (re-named Buddy by my boys) to our family. We were lucky to get one of the original elf aprons made by Aimee so he we could do some Christmas baking with the elf.



With our elf we baked a classic peanut butter cookie and added chocolate chips. We of course made them gluten and dairy free as well to accommodate my sons’ food allergies. Baking baking has always been special to me, and sharing it with my boys makes it even more special. Today our elf and cookie recipe is being featured over on Aimee Broussard’s blog here.



The boys always enjoy the end results of our messy baking sessions! I swear those two live for cookies!





Making baking part of your holiday traditions can be a lot of fun. We usually make extra cookies to gift to family and friends. My boys feel extra lucky because they get to do the Christmas baking with the elf.