Last Minute New Years Eve DIY Idea

Last Minute New Years Eve DIY

As another year comes to a close, it’s hard not to take this time to reflect on everything that has happened in 2013 and what is in the horizon for 2014. This year I have decided rather than going out with the masses I am going to spend a quiet and fun evening with my boys. I am going to make us some good food and treats, make a bon fire and throw us a mini New Years Eve pajama party that is fun and sparkly. So I made this fun project for a last minute New Years Eve DIY Idea.

I saved this beautiful wine bottle because I liked the shape of it and the fact it had some interesting ridges on it and a nice flat front square part for the front of the label. Very simply I covered the label part with tape and I used my Martha Stewart Crafts glitter glue and using a simple foam brush I generously spread out the glue everywhere that I wanted to glitter.  I opted for gold glitter and I used a chunkier thicker cut because it shows up more sparkly than regular fine glitter. Once all the areas are covered with glue simply sprinkle the glitter until everything is covered. Set aside and let it dry. At least an hour is good.

Last Minute DIY New Years

Next I peeled off the part that I covered  with a sticker and left un-glittered. Using a foam brush again I painted the square part that I wanted to be my label with Martha Stewart Crafts chalkboard paint in black. You will need to let each coat dry for about an hour or so. I applied a total of three coats.

Last Minute New Years Eve DIY

Ideally you would let the chalkboard dry 24 hours before writing on it but I let it dry for 3 hours and it was perfectly fine. I used a chalkboard marker to get a perfect smooth line!

Last Minute New years Eve DIY

I’m really pleased with how this glitter chalkboard bottle turned out! So the fun part is you can write whatever you want on it, Cheers, Clink, Pop, and use it again next year for 2015 or even for other occasions. So it’s not too late to make this very fun and simple last minute new years eve diy idea!