Gluten Free and Vegan Cream Filled Chocolate Heart Cakes

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I am always looking to bake my boys copy cat recipes for things that are popular that they simply have never gotten to eat because of their food allergies. One of those “fun” foods are Hostess Ding Dongs. We all know those iconic chocolate glazed cakes with the bold white swirls across the middle and the sweet cream filling inside. Well when I saw this recipe from Worth Pinning for similar cakes plus they were heart-shaped, I knew I had to try to make a gluten free, dairy free and vegan version! So here you have it gluten free and vegan cream filled chocolate heart cakes!

When I went to go bake these I was out of my favorite organic cocoa powder but fortunately for me and my boys I had a box of King Arthur Flour gluten free chocolate cake mix in the pantry!  I purchased a heart shaped silicon cupcake pan (6 hearts per mold) and I baked the chocolate hearts as per the instructions on the box.

Once the hearts were completely cooled I used a tiny heart shaped cookie cutter to make a cavity in the back of the heart shaped cake which would later be filled with cream frosting, yum!

Next I prepared my basic white frosting recipe. You can also use any vanilla flavored pre-made frosting of you choosing. I put the frosting in a piping bag with a star tip( basically any tip will work).

I filled the mini heart shaped cavity of the cupcake until it overfilled a bit.

Next the tricky part. I made a chocolate ganache that would cover the cupcake. This is the labor intensive part of this.


1 cup organic sugar

1/2 cup organic cocoa powder

1/4 cup rice milk

1/4 cup dairy free butter

1 teaspoon gluten free vanilla

1/3 cup Enjoy Life Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Morsels


In a small sauce pan melt the sugar, cocoa powder, butter, milk and vanilla until it comes to a rolling boil. Using a whisk to stir constantly. Next add the chocolate morsels and continue to stir until they are completely melted and incorporated. It will be a liquid fudgy consistency and ridiculously delicious.

Next, I followed the same instructions as Worth Pinning (I made a different warm chocolate frosting and filling )and quickly dipped the back side of the heart shaped cake (the side with the filling) into the melted chocolate frosting to seal the cake. Set on parchment paper and let cool completely until the frosting is completely solid. I let it sit for several hours.

Once you do this with all the hearts and they are all set, turn the hearts over unto parchment paper and reheat the melted chocolate frosting once again on low heat to get it soft and liquid again. Now you will gently spoon the melted frosting over each cupcake covering it completely. Let it set for a few hours.

Finally when everything is set you are free to use the rest of your vanilla frosting to pipe any sweet message you’d like to tell your valentine! These tasted absolutely amazing and you would never guess that they were gluten free and vegan! Better than the original for sure! So this valentines why not make your sweetie some gluten free and vegan cream filled chocolate heart cakes!